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#equalityacts – Making an Impact with Equality Acts (2018-2019) 

The Making an Impact with Equality Acts (2018-2019) program is based on the results and networks gathered during the 100 Acts for Gender Equality project. The aim for this project is to deepen and multiply the equality acts already made, and thus, in cooperation with different organizations, promote women’s rights and gender equality in the Finnish society. The project is coordinated by the National Council of Women of Finland and the Council for Gender Equality and funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Gender equality is one of the core strengths of the Finnish society. The 100 Acts for Gender Equality program, organized by The National Council of Women of Finland and the Council for Gender Equality, celebrated the centenary of Finland’s independence by increasing gender equality by concrete measures. In 2016 and 2017 different organizations all over Finland completed hundreds of gender equality acts in total. The project created a completely new network and way of working around gender equality. The project had 38 partner organizations and an honorary committee, led by president Tarja Halonen and consisting of influencers of different fields.

The numerous events organized by the project gathered hundreds of participants and the gender equality acts were actively promoted on the project's website, newsletters and social media, as well as often being visible in the media. Equality acts thus brought visibility to gender equality work and created conversation about the status of equality in Finland. The Making an Impact with Equality Acts program is about continuing the work done with gender equality acts during Finland’s celebratory year of independence. 

The Making an Impact with Equality Acts program is followed by a high-level forum. Participants of the forum promote the project and thus gender equality in Finland via their own commitment and expertise. 

Concrete acts

An act for gender equality is defined as a concrete measure that enhances gender equality within the Finnish society. The spectrum of the equality acts performed so far has been broad. Themes that have been especially visible include education and working life, multicultural activities, violence against women, and physical exercise. The project has been implemented for instance as research and reports, campaigns, educational and mentoring programs, events and happenings, art, tours, and web services. 

The goal is for the gender equality acts to function as good practices and positive examples for new organizations. Networking, dialogue and sharing of expertise are encouraged. Gender equality acts have been performed by, for example, companies, municipalities, civil service departments, NGOs, educational establishments, the media, and labour market organizations. Get to know the different acts and join in!

In practice, a gender equality act can be supporting the use of paternity leaves, increasing the transparency of salaries, acknowledging the special needs of migrant women, or implementing a functional equality plan at work, for instance. The act can be big or small, national or local, as long as the end result will increase gender equality.  

The planning, implementation and funding of each gender equality act is the responsibility of the organization itself. The Making an Impact with Equality Acts program will assist and advise according to needs and possibilities. Each accepted equality act will be published on the project website and communicated via social media. Therefore, the project offers different organizations a possibility to not only develop themselves, but also receive recognition for it. At the same time, the acts function as encouraging examples and benchmarks for good practices in the whole society.

Challenge your organization and get involved in creating a more  gender equal Finland!

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